Love Yourself, Love Others

February 14, 2018


So you’re walking into the store and there’s a ton of red and pink flowers, balloons, cards chocolates, candy and out of the ordinary sized stuffed animals. That’s when you know that Valentine's Day is coming up. What’s with all of the over-hype about this holiday? Do chocolates and wearing red really make a difference in your life? I doubt it.


Let’s take a quick look into the history of Valentine’s Day- It all started with saint Valentine, a priest from Rome in the 3rd Century. Apparently a Roman emperor named Claudius II banned marriage for god knows what reason and so St. Valentine thought this was unfair and took this problem into his own hands. He helped people get married in secret and got busted for it and ended up in jail and was sentenced to death. He then fell in love with the jailer's daughter and wrote her a love letter signed “from your valentine”. He was taken to get killed on February 14th and this is why people celebrate love in his name.


We would like to take a minute here to appreciate the love that’s in the world. Love is love, regardless of race, gender, sexuality, disability, age or class. It’s a beautiful emotion that we get to express as humans and I’m very grateful for it. When talking about love I don’t necessarily mean the “one special person in your life”, but I mean all of them! Your friends, your support groups, family, partners, even your pets. It’s appreciation for those that are there for you and those that make you feel happy.




One more thing, you need to love yourself. Sure it’s great to have support and friends and loved ones, but that’s honestly a privilege. Not everyone has that and sometimes you can only rely on yourself. Your body is the only home that will ever really house you and your mental space is the only space that you’ll ever really need. We need to appreciate those things and truly focus on internal care and our own mental sanities and happiness. You gotta love yourself. Period. So do whatever you can to achieve that. Do what makes you happy and clear headed. Practice some self loving and self care.


Here is a ted talk that promote the importance of self care:




Hope you all take care of yourselves and practice a little self love. Let me know what you think of the ted talk and let me know if you need any inspiration on how to start with self care.



A little bit about this look:


Dress is from

Shoes are by Vince Camuto 

Necklaces are from Nordstrom

Sunglasses from RayBan

Nails are from H&M


Photos by @racheldwyer



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