Why Don't You Smile?

January 11, 2018


"Why Don’t you Smile?"


I’m sick and tired of walking down the street, resting face and all, and hearing something along the lines of “I bet you have a beautiful smile” or “smile”. How about no. How about you smile and I’ll stand here and give you the side eye for being weird. Why do some people think it’s okay to ask someone to smile and what is the purpose behind that? I don’t understand if certain men think it’s some sort of flirtation mechanism or if they think it’s acceptable behavior, but I am here to assure you that it is not.


Asking women to smile is an annoying part of sexism and can be grouped with catcalling. This happens to all sorts of women everyday. Younger, older, working women, non-working women, women that are shopping, women that are crossing the street. It’s getting old. It’s time that we stop smiling to be polite and finally say something about it.



Here’s a few reasons why you may not want to and don’t have to smile to a stranger:


1- You don’t know these people and don’t owe them anything.

2- You could just have a mean resting face like I do.

3- You could just be having a bad day.

4- You don’t have to smile just because someone tells you to.

5- You’re a stranger, I don’t know you.


You can argue all you want that maybe you’re just being nice and friendly and that’s okay, but my counter argument is that it’s none of your business what I do with my facial expressions regardless of whether you were trying to be nice or not because I don’t know you. If I did, we wouldn’t be having this conversation. I will Rihanna my face all day every day if I want to because that is my choice.



Here’s a fun video to watch:

"Men, Stop Telling Women To Smile" by Chelsea Handler



Do you get annoyed when random men ask you to smile? Share your story with us! We’d love to hear it!


A little bit about this look: 

Pants from H&M, Wool coat from LandsEnd, Shoes are Adidas, Sweater is from Zara,  Metallic Lip Paint is from Gerard Cosmetics and eye liner is from Eye-co. 


Photos by: Rachel Dwyer



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