Battling Anxiety

November 20, 2018



Anxiety - A word that has been my friend and my enemy for the past 8 years of my life. Where do I even begin with explaining? Anxiety is a tiny little voice in my head that screams the world is ending when in reality everything is fine. It is thunder and lightning with no rain. It is the person walking very closely behind you and the anticipation for something to go wrong in a scary movie. 


Living and dealing with anxiety has been a long and vicious battle. Sometimes it shows up in the form of depression. Other times it shows up as panic attacks where I can't breathe and feel like I'm being suffocated. But most of the time it is what keeps my heart racing and thoughts going when I'm trying to focus on a task or trying to sleep. 


Some causes of anxiety:

- Stress

- Trauma


- Caffeine

- Lack of sleep

- Lack of exercise


I've learned that I can't be drinking tons of coffee and caffeine without starting to feel my heart beat super fast. One thing that you can do is drink twice as much water than coffee to reduce these symptoms. I also learned that getting a good workout in the day can make you tired enough to get a good night's rest. Seven to eight hours of sleep works best and a good ten minute meditation can help you restore in the afternoon. 


Some solutions for anxiety:

- Drinking less caffeine

- Meditation

- Frequent exercise

- Talking to a friend or therapist

- Writing everything down in a journal

- Melatonin vitamins

- Yoga

- Calming sleepy-time tea


I try to do whatever it is that I can to snap myself out of anxiety. Sometimes it's too overwhelming and I usually call a close friend to help calm me down or distract me. Other times I keep my journal with me and just get it all out on paper first before completing a task. 


If you have anxiety and need some help, try some of the solutions and let me know if they work for you. I'd love to hear your feedback.


Just remember that everything will be okay.



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