10 Tips to Focus and Stay Positive

March 16, 2019


It may feel like there isn't enough daylight to do all of the things that you want to do and focus on. One thing that I struggle with is balancing work, life, exercise and fun. I sometimes feel scattered and work hard but then forget to exercise or I will have a day off and complete every task on my to-do list. I'd like to find a way to stay consistent with keeping up with tasks and making time for fun activities and hobbies. 


I feel like we're all running around all of the time and faking our successes on social media. Well I'm here to tell you that life is not always going to look that perfect. We all have our ups and downs and we all struggle with different things. 

One thing that I would like to get better at is managing my personal time and making time for exercise, being healthy, doing more yoga and meditation and finding hobbies that I can actually stick with. I've always found interest in stuff then gave it up or didn't keep up with it. I'm going to make a change.

I'm going to stay focused and stay positive and here's how:

Tips to Stay Focused:

1- Get a notebook and write down all of your thoughts and ideas.

2- Narrow them down to 2-3 items that you'd like to stick to.

3- Give yourself mini-deadlines.

4- Finish what you start by the deadline. Really practice some dedication.

5- Learn when to give up. Don't force yourself if it's making you miserable.


Tips to Stay Positive:

1- Recite a positive mantra to yourself daily. Especially on days where you're feeling low.

2- Practice gratuity. Write down a few things that you're grateful for every day.

3- Do something nice for someone.

4- Be mindful and appreciate the little things. 

5- Drink lots of water and lay off overly caffeinated sugary drinks.


Also, have fun with things! Let loose and don't bog yourself down if you don't complete everything on your list. You're only human!


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