How Yoga Changed My Life

May 2, 2019


I've been practicing yoga for over ten years of my life now. I was first introduced to it at a community college where I was required to sign up for a health course. The class was great, we practiced breathing techniques, beginners poses and then moved on to intermediate poses and focusing on balance. The movement stuck with me and I couldn't help but want to take a downward dog every night before bed. The act of stretching made me feel loose and flexible and helped me focus on all areas of my own body and I'd like to say that I've been a Yogi ever since. 



Yoga is the only thing that I can do to ease my mind and spirit. I used to enjoy doing it on my own in my apartment and following YouTube videos of Tara Stiles and Yoga with Adriene. But after a while I realized that I appreciate the yoga community and the ability to feel the energies of those around me in class. I need a bit of guidance during shavasana or meditation and instructors are usually great at doing that. I've had light-bulb moments during and after yoga class and have even cried during. It's a great way to get out of your own head and a great way to focus on what's in your heart. 


Right now I'm signed up for a membership at CorePower Yoga and I try to go twice a week. The community there is great and the people are always so friendly and nice. I've been customizing my practice within class lately and the instructors are super cool with it. As you may know, I've had some back problems this past year and yoga has really been my escape from all of the pain. It really frightened me to jump back into harder poses and back bends but I got there eventually with time and patience. 


I love yoga with all of my heart and my essence as a human being. It calms me down, clears my thoughts and helps ease any tension and anxiety from life. I'll never forget the time where I meditated my way through Nirvana. I felt my body and energy melt into the surrounding energy from the universe and It felt as though we were one. In that moment I was at peace. In that moment I understood death. In that moment my fear of death dissipated into the cosmic energies of the universe.




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